Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31, 2023

Matthew Blinstrubsas, Executive Director, released the following statement:

On this Transgender Day of Visibility, Equality Connecticut is proud of the role that transgender people have played and will always play in creating our vision: to build a sense of queer community, queer power, and queer joy in our state.

The extent to which transgender people can be visible is defined by safety. In this season of physical and political attacks on transgender adults and children, we are glad that Connecticut can offer a safe harbor to families who have fled places where they’ve been prevented by law from caring properly for themselves and their children.

Our state is blessed with a rich and effective network of community-based transgender organizations, programs, and services. Welcoming transgender families means the state must provide appropriate support and protection from discrimination in housing, health care, and education. We hope they find not only safety, but power, joy, and community.

While Connecticut has often been ahead of the curve on LGBTQIA rights, it has not been completely immune from the anti-trans ideology that is marching across the nation. We know of local instances of bullying, and of school boards that have considered anti-trans measures. The responses from local communities have been heartening, and Equality Connecticut is committed to partnering with and supporting local trans-supportive actions.


Matt Blinstrubas,
Carisa Cunningham,