Peer Respite in CT

Compassionate, human-centered, trans-affirming mental health services are vital to LGBTQ+ folks in Connecticut. We know that LGBTQ+ folks are at greater risk of suicide and experience greater instances of mental health disparity and involuntary commitment.

EQCT has joined the Peer Respite Working Group, led by the Keep the Promise Coalition. Peer respite centers, adopted by sixteen other states, offer a voluntary alternative for people in mental health crises or experiencing suicidal thoughts. This program calls for respite sites around the state and will have one specifically dedicated to serving transgender and nonbinary people.

Learn more: Opinion: CT deserves peer mental health respites—not more of the same by Jordan Fairchild

Full Testimony on SB 370: Jordan Fairchild, Executive Director, Keep the Promise Coalition; Equality Connecticut Board Member

Full Testimony on SB 370: Mindy Wallen, Parent and Equality Connecticut Board Member

A snippet of Equality Connecticut Board Member Jordan Fairchild testifying in support of SB370 (2024).
Equality Connecticut Board Member Mindy Wallen testifying in support of SB 370 (2024).