Connection and Community

Our collective power is rooted in our connections to and respect for one another. We also believe our work should be fun and joyous whenever possible. This is especially important as we struggle to be seen and heard by our elected leaders and fellow citizens on the urgent issues facing our community. Therefore, fostering a shared sense of JOY for queer folks and everyone in the state is one of the highest priorities of Equality Connecticut.

We also understand the vital need for safe and stable LGBTQIA+ spaces in CT. In an effort to promote connection, conversation, and cooperation, our mission is to allow for the creation and support of queer spaces both physical and cultural. Whether organizing community events or developing queer-focused initiatives, we seek to bring our spread-out state together as we uplift our queer voices in excitement and exultation. 

Priorities include:

–   Social: Curating events and experiences that foster mutual understanding, appreciation, and affirmation among queer people

–   Visibility: Projects and programs that raise the visibility of queer life in Connecticut, especially where it is marginalized or underrepresented

–   History: supporting efforts to recover and celebrate the queer history of Connecticut.

–   Cultural: fostering creative queer expression by resourcing and curating arts-based programs and events

So stay tuned!! More information on events and activities in every corner of the state is coming soon!