Equality Connecticut Launches as State-Wide, Queer-Led, Social Justice Organization

New Group Announces Legislative and Community Priorities

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(Hartford, CT) Equality Connecticut (EQCT) officially launched today as a state-wide, queer-led social justice organization dedicated to building LGBTQIA+ power and joy in every corner of the state.

For the past decade, Connecticut has been one of the few U.S. states without a statewide political organization. Over the last 18 months, a group of advocates representing all parts of the diverse community has been working to make connections, build support, and assemble the nuts and bolts of a viable, permanent organization.

At a State House press conference hosted by Representative Jeff Currey, LGBTQI leaders, community members, and legislators explained the group’s priorities and expressed support for the group’s mission. 

Executive Director Matt Blinstrubas said “Equality Connecticut is built around the principles of power and joy. We will advocate for positive change, celebrate the LGBTQIA+ communities in the state, cultivate financial resources to support all LGBTQIA+ organizations, and expand a sense of belonging for every community member.”

The group announced its immediate priorities to:

  • Expand state suicide prevention programs to be more LGBTQIA+ inclusive
  • Support legislation to ensure the coverage of fertility care for LGBTQIA+ people
  • Ensure access to gender-affirming health care in the state
  • Support the continued progress of the state’s LGBTQ Health and Human Services Committee
  • Advocate and raise funds for the creation of a Connecticut AIDS memorial in Hartford through the Shawn Lang Task Force for a Connecticut AIDS Memorial 
  • Build a pipeline of young LGBTQIA+ leaders and activists through a new training program

Gretchen Raffa of Planned Parenthood of Southern New England and EQCT Advisory Board member, said “We believe that everyone should have freedom and control over their own bodies and lives. Everyone deserves access to the full range of health services, including sexual and reproductive health care and education. “As members of the Fertility Access CT Campaign (FACT) we will work this session to ensure equal access to fertility care, including LGBTQ and single individuals who need medical assistance to build their families.”

“We join a vibrant ecosystem of organizational partners providing services and support to LGBTQIA+ people in Connecticut,” said Blinstrubas. “Sexual minorities will always need a voice and a space in our state and in our country. It is only by being together, by truly seeing each other, and by sharing our experiences that political change becomes possible.”

Kia A. Baird, a founding member of OutCT and Secretary of the National Council of Negro Women’s (NCNW) New London County serves on EQCT Advisory Board. She said, “We come to this work with an understanding that LGBTQIA people are multifaceted and have intersecting ways in which they show up in the world.  We’ll seek alliances and campaigns that lift everyone up. Endeavoring to create an environment that empowers people to continue the fight for a world that is both just and equitable.”

A complete list of Equality Connecticut’s advisory board members can be found at https://eqct.org/about-us/advisory-committee/.  

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Equality Connecticut works to advance the rights, health, history, and culture of the LGBTQIA+ community in Connecticut. A queer-led grassroots organization rooted in social justice values, EQCT advocates for change, celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community in the state and supports the state’s LGBTQIA+ organizational community.