A Statement on the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

July 5, 2022

This has been a hard couple of weeks. Last month, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. It was a sweeping and brutal decision that will affect the health, safety, and reproductive freedom of women, queer, and trans people seeking access to abortion across the country. This was a direct assault on Equality Connecticut’s core values, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone fighting for unfettered access to abortion services. 

We are all grappling with this news, reading and hearing first-hand accounts of the consequences of this action as the legal landscape changes in real-time. Many of us have been in the streets since the decision came down, organizing, mobilizing, and trying to find a way forward. As devastating as the loss of Roe is, we have been truly inspired by responses from communities across the country. 

Here at Equality Connecticut, we are working for a future in which all of us are free. We know that reproductive freedom, anti-racism, gender equity, economic justice, and access to health care are all queer issues. The destruction of Roe is a threat to us all. 

The significance of the threats we face today cannot be overstated. Justice Thomas made clear in his concurrence that contraceptive access, marriage equality, and even de-criminalized consensual same-sex contact can no longer be taken for granted. This comes as we’ve seen a sustained and coordinated attack on the rights of transgender children as many states have moved to intentionally deny life-saving medical care and basic rights to trans people. 

Our struggles have always been interconnected. As queer people, we know how to take care of each other. So let’s lean into our love. Let’s cultivate community. Let’s prepare to fiercely protect those of us whose bodily autonomy is under attack. 

For many years, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England has been a cornerstone of the movement for LGBTQ+ equality in Connecticut. Equality Connecticut itself exists because of the visionary organizers and leaders who work for and volunteer with Planned Parenthood. Our struggle is one and the same.

We are so honored to have Gretchen Raffa, Planned Parenthood’s Vice President, Public Policy, Advocacy and Organizing, on Equality Connecticut’s Advisory Board. Gretchen is a warrior and leader in CT’s fight to protect reproductive freedom and our LGBTQ+ community. This past session, with Gretchen’s leadership, Planned Parenthood led a coalition effort to update Connecticut’s abortion laws for the first time in 30 years. The new law expands access to abortion care by allowing trained advanced practice clinicians to perform aspiration abortion which will decrease patient wait time in our state. It also adds protections for providers and people coming to Connecticut to access abortion care and gender-affirming care.

A core priority of Equality Connecticut is to raise funds for queer issues. Abortion access and reproductive justice fall squarely in that category for us. Planned Parenthood of Southern New England has created an Abortion Access Fund to ensure finances are not an obstacle for anyone seeking an abortion in Connecticut or Rhode Island. Please consider making a gift today.

The REACH Fund is another brand new fund that needs our support. Please also consider making a donation here. 

Equality Connecticut is listening, learning, and honing our values. No doubt there will come a time when we ask you to take action with us to advance and protect our community. In the meantime, be well, be brave, and find moments of joy with us even in this moment of great struggle. 

Love and solidarity, 

Equality Connecticut Advisory Board